Blessing my Home Country

by Jenifer Montero

I had always thought about getting the opportunity to help others but I never knew in what way, how or when I would be able to do it until I came to know and accepted Christ as my Lord and Savior. I didn’t know that this opportunity would be when I was asked to help and serve as a missionary to a mission trip at Pachuca, Mexico my home country.

This mission trip opened the door to many opportunities I had never thought of specially to what matters the most, family and love, Christ’s true unconditional love and seeing how we are all one in Christ. It was this true agape love that I experienced during this trip while blessing families, children, women and men of whom many thought they had no future or hope. I was able to help in many different ways and just being able to speak to others about Christ’s love, hope and plans for them made it all worthwhile and would even do it a thousand more time without a doubt.

I realized that not only was I blessing and helping out in reaching out to others into coming to Christ but it also changed my thinking about what it really is to love, be loved, to bless and being blessed. It also opened my eyes, soul, heart and mind realizing that there are no boundaries or limits to accomplishing God’s great commission, going out and bringing others to Christ and sharing the Gospel no matter where we are at. I also learned and grew alongside many others who helped me and to all those people.

I also thank for giving me this opportunity specially MIRA Missions making impact, my pastors and my family, sisters and brothers in Christ.

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